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    I have to say, its been a challenge introducing the newest members of our family into the Chukuka household. I really dont know what I was expecting, but it definately wasn't what has happened. Chloe is not a fan of Zara. Since getting her she has had two brutal fights with Zara, both times which I called Zara off and Zara pulled off like the obedient dog she is and Chloe took the opportunity to attach herself to Zara's neck.

    After the first incident, Ike and I decided that we needed to bring someone in. So we found John, "The Puppy Hunter", who specializes in behavioural training and aggressive behaviour situations. He worked with us for a week straight, trying to slowly get Chloe and Zara used to each other in a non-competetive setting.

    This weekend, I was taking Chloe out for a bathroom break when my daughter opened the door to Zara's room, she came running up and stood at the bottom of the stairs. Chloe's hair stood on end, the two of them ran up the stairs and out the door before I had a chance to grab a collar and the fight began. By the end of it, there was blood, limping and three muddy adults. I am reluctant to give up Chloe because she is such a great dog when Zara is out of sight. I also want to finish the behavioural training with her because she has been doing so well. However, if my daughter had gotten knocked over the the process, it wouldn't have been pretty. Chloe needs a home where she can have the sole attention of her owner. So we have decided to find her a new home.

    I am sure once the day comes I will be crying but its out of our hands. So with heavy hearts and best wishes we continue our search for a good forever home for Chloe. Meanwhile, we will continue behavioural training until she is placed.

    Have you ever seen or been involved in a dog fight? Did you have to deal with wounds? What did you do?



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